Epicitehydro is developed with hydroactive dressing technology that provides an ideal environment for wound healing. It is a reliable solution for high performance wound care.


It creates a moist environment favorable for wound healing.

It provides high performance with its cellulose structure derived from biotechnology.

Contains a minimum of 95% isotonic saline solution.

It provides an instant cooling effect after application.

Effectively absorbs wound exudate.

Easily adapts to all wound types and shapes.

It is easy to apply and can be cut into the shape of the wound.

It dries during the healing process and can be easily and almost painlessly peeled off after successful epithelialization.

Make a Difference in Wound Care with epicitehydro

Accelerate the wound healing process with the advanced technology of epicitehydro and provide the best care for your patients. Contact us immediately to learn more about our innovative and effective wound dressing solutions.

epicitehydro Advanced Technology Wound Dressing

Epicitehydro is a hydroactive dressing developed with a biotechnology-derived cellulose structure, providing an ideal environment for wound healing. This unique wound dressing creates a supportive moist environment for the wound through its high isotonic saline content and absorbs excessive exudate. Epicitehydro adapts easily to all types of wounds and shapes, making it a flexible and user-friendly solution. It offers immediate cooling effects upon application, providing comfort for patients.

As it dries during the healing process, epicitehydro can be peeled off almost painlessly after successful epithelialization. This feature enhances patient comfort while making the treatment process more efficient. Epicitehydro is a reliable and effective option for wound care professionals, offering high-performance wound healing and maximizing patient satisfaction.