Genadyne offers innovative solutions that accelerate the healing process with advanced wound care technologies. With our negative pressure therapy systems, we maximize patient comfort and treatment effectiveness.


It allows the use of different negative pressures, without the disadvantages of intermittent therapy.

The pump maintains the negative pressure throughout the cycle, airtight seal and prevents the dressing from dislodging.

Changes in pressure are not perceived by the patient, increasing comfort and compliance.

It almost completely eliminates the growth of granulation tissue into the foam dressing.

It makes dressing changes less stressful and painful.

Fully reticulated polyurethane foam made of polyether resin improves performance under pressure and in humid environments.

Green Foam

It provides visual contrast, allowing clinicians to better distinguish between living and non-living tissue.

Fully reticulated polyurethane foam made of polyether resin improves performance under pressure and in humid environments.

Provides enhanced filtration properties and tensile strength.

It prevents stray fragments from being left in the wound bed, significantly reducing abrasion.

It allows easy removal during dressing changes, reducing pain and discomfort.

Silver Closing Set

It protects the wound against pathogens and reduces the risk of infection.

It provides a continuous release of silver ions until the dressing is removed.

It can be used for up to 7 days according to the doctor’s decision.

It does not cause any staining during silver release.

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it effectively prevents infections.

Provides comfortable and easy handling during dressing changes.

UNO Wound Therapy System

7, 15 and 30-day usage options are available.

Diverts and distributes excess exudate through the dressing into the canister.

Measuring 76 mm x 111 mm x 57 mm (3″ x 4.38″ x 2.24″), it is portable and convenient.

Weighing only 230 grams (0.5 lbs), it provides comfortable handling.

More than 12 hours of usage time on a full charge, maximum charging time is 5 hours.

It offers a simple, easy and clear user interface.

Continuous at 80mmHg or 125mmHg, variable pressure options at 80mmHg/30mmHg or 125mmHg/30mmHg.

It informs the user with leakage, canister full and low battery warnings.

Make a Difference in Wound Care with Genadyne Products

Accelerate the healing process and enhance patient comfort with Genadyne’s advanced wound care technologies. Contact us immediately to learn more about our negative pressure therapy systems and discover the best solutions for you.

Advanced Wound Care Solutions with Genadyne Products

Genadyne is a leading brand offering innovative and effective solutions in wound care. Our advanced negative pressure therapy systems are designed to support rapid wound healing while enhancing patient comfort. Products like XLR8, Green Sponge, Silver Dressing Kit, and Uno have been developed to meet diverse wound care needs. These products stand out with features like adjustable pressure settings, infection control, and ease of use.

Genadyne’s products provide healthcare professionals the ability to effectively manage even the most challenging wounds. With our advanced technology and user-friendly designs, cleaning wounds, managing exudate, and reducing infection risks become easier. With Genadyne, we aim to offer reliable, fast, and effective solutions in wound care, improving the quality of life for patients.