Esacrom revolutionizes wound care with ultrasonic debridement technology. With our advanced solutions, we accelerate the healing process and increase patient comfort.

Surgy Sonic Wound

Effectively removes dead, damaged or infected tissue with low frequency ultrasound energy.

Equipped with special tools, it provides superior performance with 2D and 3D motion technology.

It is used for many different types of wounds such as difficult wounds, diabetic foot, osteomyelitis, burns, arterial and venous ulcers, pressure sores and skin infections.

It reduces and manages pain, making the treatment process more comfortable for patients.

Improves management of exudate by reducing the number of treatments and debridement time.

It increases the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue and accelerates the healing process.

It prevents ischemia and increases patient comfort by increasing blood flow around the wound.

Special Kit for Wound Debridement

Includes all tools and materials necessary for wound debridement.

Packaged in a sterile environment, minimizing the risk of infection.

Its user-friendly design allows healthcare professionals to practice quickly and effectively.

Suitable for diabetic foot, burns, pressure sores and other difficult healing wounds.

Made of durable and high quality materials, it ensures long-term use.

With its lightweight and portable structure, it provides ease of use in different treatment environments.

Discover Advanced Wound Care with Esacrom

Revolutionize wound care with Esacrom’s ultrasonic debridement technology. Contact us immediately to learn more about our innovative solutions that accelerate the healing process and enhance patient comfort.


Esacrom Leader in Ultrasonic Debridement Technology

Esacrom offers innovative solutions in wound care with its ultrasonic debridement technology. Our products, such as Surgy Sonic Wound and the Special Kit for Wound Debridement, use low-frequency ultrasonic energy to effectively remove dead, damaged, or infected tissue. This technology speeds up the wound healing process, reduces pain, and increases patient comfort. Esacrom’s tools, equipped with 2D and 3D motion technology, deliver superior performance on different types of wounds.

Esacrom products can be used for various wound types including challenging wounds, diabetic foot, osteomyelitis, burns, arterial and venous ulcers, pressure sores, and skin infections. With high-quality materials and user-friendly designs, they offer healthcare professionals a quick and effective application. Discover reliable, innovative, and effective solutions in wound care with Esacrom and improve your patients’ quality of life.